Trilobe Watches

Yesterday, time was frozen under rotating hands. With the Trilobe watch, time starts moving. Three rotating rings are set in motion: the largest ring is for the hours, the middle one for the minutes, and the smallest for the seconds. This movement is made possible by a unique caliber in watchmaking: the X-Centric movement, Trilobe’s signature movement. A new masterpiece is born with no hands and just a little bit of magic!

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History of Trilobe

Trilobe is a French watch brand founded by Gautier Massonneau in 2018. However, the crazy adventure already began in 2013 when, at the time of buying his first watch, Gautier Massonneau found himself caught in the middle of a watchmaking paradox: tradition versus innovation. From his observations was born the personal challenge of inventing and creating his own watch. Between rupture and continuity, he aspired to create a timepiece that was not only different from what he had seen but also timeless and classic in its design. 

The Trilobe watch saw the light of day because of Gautier’s desire to explore the field of possibilities in the watchmaking industry and look outside the box. It challenges the codes of traditional watchmaking with a new way of both displaying and reading the time. Trilobe watches leave behind preconceived watchmaking notions and does away with the hands that normally tell the time. Time is set in motion while its indicators remain fixed, which is made possible by the X-Centric caliber. Through its creations, Trilobe reflects its affection for the world of arts, whether architectural or literary, and invites constant questioning.

The Trilobe X-Centrix Caliber

This original display of hours, minutes, and seconds is made possible by the X-Centric caliber: an automatic movement designed and developed exclusively for Trilobe. A clever mix of watchmaking innovation, precision, and Swiss know-how, the X-Centric caliber pushes the limits of time.

The Secret Edition

The Trilobe “Secret” Edition is available in Les Matinaux and Nuits Fantastique collections in titanium or rose gold. A bespoke timepiece that captures the stars in the sky at an exact moment in time – a freeze frame for a happy memory or a powerful message of love. Each timepiece is different, and the hidden meaning behind the starry sky is only known to you.

Who Owns Trilobe?

Trilobe is owned by Gautier Massonneau, the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Trilobe.

Fun Fact

Gautier Massonneau did not come from a watchmaking background; his parents worked in architecture and design, while Gautier started his career in investment banking. When he began looking for his first watch, he realized that what he had in mind did not exist. So unlike most of us faced with this situation, he decided to go out, teach himself watchmaking and make it himself!

Trilobe Collections

Les Matinaux

Les Matinaux, translated to The Mornings in English, was the first Trilobe collection, named after the poet René Char. It features three concentric rings – one for the hours, one for the minutes, and one for the seconds – powered by their proprietary X-Centric movement.

Nuit Fantastique

Trilobe’s second collection also uses its proprietary X-Centric movement. Nuit Fantastique, or Fantastic Nights in English, is an evolution of Les Matinaux with a reworked dial that allows for more open space. The hours, minutes, and seconds rotate counterclockwise. The hours are read on the outer edge of the dial, minutes through a small opening at 11 o’clock and seconds turning on a smaller ring at 8 o’clock.

Une Folle Journée

Introduced in 2022, Une Folle Journée translates into A Crazy Day and is, as the name indicates, an even more daring approach to telling the time. Two versions, the blue and the black, feature an oversized doomed crystal, showcasing the movement within the watch.