The Unique Ballon d’Or 2023 by Purnell

Luxury Swiss watch brand Purnell is sponsoring the Ballon d’Or for the third straight year and will be presenting the winners with unique timepieces this evening.

The Unique Ballon d’Or 2023 by Purnell

In the glittering city of Paris, Purnell marks its illustrious third year of alliance with the esteemed Ballon d’Or awards by unveiling a unique timepiece for the 2023 edition. As the clock ticks down to the 67th Ballon d’Or ceremony at the iconic Thêatre du Chatelet on October 30th, the aura of anticipation is palpable. The Ballon d’Or is a symbol of unparalleled excellence in football. Managed by France Football, this award has carved its niche in the annals of football history. Year after year, it continues to enthrall fans, players, and football connoisseurs worldwide.

For Purnell, it isn’t just about crafting a watch; it’s about capturing the spirit of elegance and luxury that the Ballon d’Or epitomizes. Their newest creation is a mesmerizing black titanium timepiece with a whopping 800 sparkling white diamonds. It’s not just a watch; it’s a testament to the grace and glory of the Ballon d’Or victors.

The Purnell Ballon d'Or 2023
The Purnell Ballon d’Or 2023

At the heart of this masterpiece is the manual Caliber P10, a caliber known for its performance and precision. But what truly sets this watch apart is its Innovative Flying Tourbillon, a marvel in watch engineering. The tourbillon, encased within a meticulously paved football, completes a rotation every 30 seconds, creating a visual spectacle on the wrist. Functionality is at the core of this timepiece. Along with the conventional hour and minute display, it features a power reserve indication—an ingenious design achieved via a suspended mobile cone mainspring sensor. This ensures the wearer is always aware of the 50-hour power reserve.

Ballon d'Or 2023 by Purnell
The Football Tourbillon of the Ballon d’Or 2023 by Purnell

The design of the Ballon d’Or timepiece is nothing short of mesmerizing. The case, made of polished black DLC titanium, gleams with an understated elegance. With a diameter of 48mm, it offers a bold yet comfortable presence on the wrist. The dial is in smoked sapphire, offering a subtle view of the watch’s intricate workings. The hand-polished hands glide smoothly over white hand-applied indexes, ensuring time is read easily. The “Ballon d’Or” label is prominently displayed, crafted in black titanium, and set with a dazzling array of 800 brilliant-cut white diamonds, echoing the glamour and prestige of the award it represents. The watch is paired with a white natural rubber strap, offering both comfort and style. This is complemented by a black titanium folding buckle, ensuring the timepiece sits securely and elegantly on the wrist.

The Purnell Ballon d'Or 2023 by Purnell Side View
The Purnell Ballon d’Or 2023 by Purnell Side View

This unique 2023 Ballon d’Or edition is a true reflection of Purnell’s unwavering commitment to horological precision and craftsmanship. It stands as a beacon of the brand’s dedication to excellence, celebrating its collaboration with an award that salutes the zenith of individual achievements in football.

The Purnell Ballon d'Or 2023 Close Up
The Purnell Ballon d’Or 2023 Close Up

For Maurizio Mazzocchi, the CEO of Purnell, the Ballon d’Or is more than an event; it’s a journey back to his childhood. Recounting his deep-rooted love for football, he says, “Every Ballon d’Or ceremony transports me back to my younger days. To have Purnell associated with an event that started its journey in 1956 is nothing short of a fairytale.” Maurizio’s personal journey, from carrying a soccer ball in Neuchatel to playing at Rutgers University courtesy of a soccer scholarship, mirrors the transformative power of football. “The sheer passion this sport sparks is unparalleled. It’s a privilege to design a timepiece that, I believe, mirrors the allure of this iconic trophy.”

The Winners Update:

The pinnacle of the evening was Lionel Messi’s record-setting eighth win for the best men’s player award, while Aitana Bonmati from Barcelona Femeni and Spain secured the best women’s player honor.

Leo Messi and Maurizio Mazzochi, CEO of Purnell at the Ballon d'Or Award Ceremony
Leo Messi and Maurizio Mazzochi, CEO of Purnell at the Ballon d’Or Award Ceremony
Aitana Bonmati and Maurizio Mazzochi, CEO of Purnell at the Ballon d'Or Award Ceremony
Aitana Bonmati and Maurizio Mazzochi, CEO of Purnell at the Ballon d’Or Award Ceremony

Price & Availabilty

The Ballon d’Or  2023 by Purnell is a unique timepiece awarded to the Ballon d’Or winner. It is priced at 500,000 CHF, excluding taxes. For more information,

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