Antoine Preziuso Watches

A true Haute Horology watchmaker, the kind and passionate Antoine Preziuso has been building significant watches for decades. His timepieces are coveted around the world, and much sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. His masterful collections bring together complicated mechanics with high-jeweled adornment. His specialties include the Tourbillon of Tourbillons, a  triple tourbillon piece. Today, his son Florian works alongside his father to create mesmerizing mechanical works of art.

History of Antoine Preziuso

Antoine Preziuso is an independent master watchmaker who trained at the Geneva Watchmaking School in 1978. He spent two years at the workshop at Patek Philippe, then worked with watch auctioneer Antiquorum as a restorer of the finest vintage timepieces. He opened his workshop in Geneva in 1981 and became a member of the prestigious Cabinotiers de Genève. He introduced his watches in 1991 and started exhibiting at Baselworld with the Académie des Horlogers Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) in 1996. Antoine Preziuso’s first complication watch was a minute repeater with a perpetual calendar, a patented system by the rotating bezel for releasing the bezel. This piece is honored with the prestigious seal of quality, “The Hallmark of Geneva.”

A Family Business

Preziuso has built up quite a family business, involving his wife May, his son Florian and his daughter Laura. Preziuso’s daughter, Laura, creates jewelry and is a teacher at the Geneva School of Art Appliqués. Preziuso’s famous creation, the Tourbillon of Tourbillons, was built in close collaboration with his son, Florian, a teacher at the Geneva matchmaking school.

Unique Pieces

Known for stunning mechanical creations and incredible attention to detail, Antoine Preziuso creates production pieces and made-to-order pieces unique. He was the first to use three tourbillons in one watch (the 3Volution in 2004), and he has used the Gibéon meteorite to produce cases, dials, needles, winders, and clasps.

Three words describe the work of Antoine Preziuso perfectly: tradition, complications, and innovation.

Who owns Antoine Preziuso?

Antoine Preziuso is an independent watch brand based in Geneva, Switzerland, owned by its namesake, Antoine Preziuso.

Fun Fact

Antoine Preziuso was the first watchmaker to conceive a watch case entirely out of meteorite – dial, case, buckle, and hands.

Antoine Preziuso Collections

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  • The Tourbillons

  • The Collection

  • Meteorite