Armin Strom Watches

Since 2009, independent watch brand Armin Strom has been resolutely dedicated to showcasing its technical prowess – with in-house-made movements finely open-worked or skeletonized for dramatic depth and dimension. The brand specializes in resonance and constant force and was a leader in offering personalization via an inventive online configurator.

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History of Armin Strom

Armin Strom starts with the man himself, Mr. Armin Strom. Having studied watchmaking, he set up his store in his hometown Burgdorf in 1967. Burgdorf is the largest city in the Emmental region in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. 

Armin Strom started out selling watches in his store and offering a restoration service. He soon realized that he had a talent for hand skeletonizing, which was not seen much at the time. By 1990 he gained entry to the Guinness World Record book for his creation of the world’s smallest hand-skeletonized ladies’ watch. Soon other watch brands were asking him to skeletonize small series of watches for them.

Armin Strom – The Brand

Armin Strom, the brand, was unveiled in 1984 at the world’s largest watch fair – Baselworld in Switzerland. Armin Strom pursued his watchmaking vision and dreams until 2006 when he decided to retire. Serge Michel, an avid watch collector and a friend of the family, jumped at the opportunity. His childhood friend, Claude Greisler, happened to be a watchmaker, making the perfect partner for Serge.

Serge and Claude were determined to uphold the Armin Strom legacy by staying true to Mr. Strom’s vision of fine watchmaking and skeletonizing. They spent two years learning from the master himself and, in 2008, officially took over the manufacture with plans to expand the business into a watch manufacture producing its own movements.

The Armin Strom Calibers

Their first caliber, ARM09, saw the light of day in 2009, a mere year after Serge and Claude took over. Their first collection, the One Week Collection, was unveiled at Baselworld in 2010. Serge and Claude moved quickly, and in 2012 they joined the elite rank of the watch brands that develop and manufacture their tourbillon caliber in-house. 

Mr. Strom had always dreamt of creating a skeleton watch entirely produced in the Armin Strom manufacture. In 2014, Serge and Claude made his dream come true with the Skeleton Pure collection.

In 2016 Armin Strom revolutionized the watch industry by introducing the Mirrored Force Resonance. The use of resonance in a wristwatch is complicated, and only a handful of brands have mastered it.

Who Owns Armin Strom?

Armin Strom is an independent brand owned by Serge Michel and Claude Greissler since 2008. Armin Storm continues to innovate and surprise the watchmaking industry.

Fun Fact

As of 2017, you can configure your own Armin Strom watch with their user-friendly watch configurator available on the Armin Strom website.

Armin Strom Collections

Lady Beat

The first watch for ladies from the Armin Strom manufacture. The Lady Beat exudes both a feminine and a technical look with its off-center dial and slimmer 38 mm stainless steel case.

Gravity Equal Force

This collection represents the first time ever that a stop-works declutch system has been used in an automatic movement, resulting in consistent delivery of power to the balance. A bold innovation marking a new era for Armin Strom.

Pure Resonance

A watch that focuses entirely on the accuracy of providing the time. With fewer functions, this timepiece can focus on its main task. The display of the time gets its energy from the lower regulator and the upper regulator remains stationary to create resonance.

Mirrored Force Resonance

It took Armin Strom 3 years to develop this revolution in watchmaking, mirrored force resonance in a watch. With twin balance wheels and balance springs – the two balances find a concurrent rhythm in opposite directions to unceasingly average out errors and increase accuracy.


A fine example of contemporary mechanical watchmaking with limited edition timepieces that highlight the unique craftsmanship of the Armin Strom Manufacture. The Masterpiece collection includes, to date, the Minute Repeater Resonance and the Dual Time Resonance.