Bausele Watches

Bausele, established in 2011 by Christophe Hoppe in Sydney, Australia, is the country’s premier Swiss watch brand. Christo’s passion for Australia and his Swiss watch expertise led to the creation of Bausele, which quickly gained international recognition. The brand’s commitment to quality and affordability has earned it a global following, with watches available in over 40 countries.

History of Bausele

Bausele, a watch brand, was established in 2011 in Sydney, Australia, by its founder, Christophe Hoppe. Drawing from his vast experience in the Swiss watch sector and a deep love for Australia, he recognized a gap in the market for a high-end Australian watch brand. After relocating to Sydney with his Australian spouse, Christo was captivated by the beauty of his new homeland. However, he felt there was a missing piece: a luxury Australian watch brand. As a result, he left his corporate position. Christo combined his passion for watch design with his admiration for the Australian way of life, culminating in the birth of Bausele, which stands for Beyond Australian Elements. This brand, acclaimed as Australia’s premier Swiss watch brand, has seen an upward trajectory since its inception.

By 2015, Bausele made history as the only Australian brand showcased at Baselworld, the world’s most prominent watch and jewelry expo. 2016 saw them partnering with the iconic Sydney Opera House for a special watch edition. That same year, they teamed up with Flinders University in Adelaide, giving birth to the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Company. This partnership led to the creation of a unique material for the Terra Australis watch casing, which gained prominence when worn by Dominic Purcell on his popular show, “Prison Break.” With time, Bausele’s reputation grew, leading them to supply the Army Intelligence Corps and Special Forces and broaden their global reach to countries like France, the USA, and Japan while also catering to over 40 nations online.

Official Watch of the Royal Australian Airforce

In a monumental achievement in 2020, Bausele was selected to design the OFFICIAL WATCH commemorating the centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force in 2021. This was an honor, considering Bausele was up against globally recognized brands, showcasing its stature in the watchmaking world. It was also the RAAF’s first watch commission in seven decades.

Bausele’s Success

The essence of Bausele’s success lies in Christo’s keen design instincts and his adeptness with advanced Swiss technology. He meticulously plans each element of a watch to ensure it’s up to industry standards, yet offers them at a price point that provides value. His approach of releasing limited edition pieces and maintaining modest marketing expenditures ensures customers get premium quality without breaking the bank. Through Bausele, Christo’s intent has always been to give back to the nation he deeply adores.

Who Owns Bausele?

Bausele, a premium Australian watch brand, was established in Sydney in 2011 and is owned by its passionate founder, Christophe Hoppe, who started the company out of his deep admiration for Australia and his extensive experience in the Swiss watch industry.

Fun Fact

Christophe Hoppe has a daily ritual of swimming at the break of dawn in Australia, embracing the serenity and beauty of the early hours.