Certina Watches

Known for their precision and reliability, Certina watches represent their 130-year history in watchmaking. Focusing on Swiss workmanship and good aesthetics,  the brand offers collections that range from a Heritage series to an Urban line, a Sport collection, and the Aqua water watch series. The brand also has a social conscience and is involved with the Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) by sponsoring one of the turtles in the worldwide race that enables the study and protection of sea turtles. Certina works to help raise funds, but also to raise awareness.

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History of Certina

Certina is a Swiss watch brand with a rich history dating back to 1888. It was founded by brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company initially operated under the name Grana, and it wasn’t until the 1930s that it adopted the name Certina. The brand’s turtle logo was developed in the 1960s and still symbolizes values of robustness and longevity. In 1959, Certina introduced its first watch with the DS (Double Security) concept, which was highly resistant to shock and water.

Over the years, Certina has undergone significant developments, including working with Rado in 1975 and joining the Swatch Group in 1983. The brand has kept its focus on producing sports watches, emphasizing precision, reliability, and water resistance. Certina’s dedication to innovation and quality has earned it a solid international reputation over its 130-year history.

Water Resistance

All Certina watches are water-resistant to at least 10 bar, equivalent to 100 meters. This level of water resistance is a standard feature of Certina sports watches and other timepieces from the brand. 

The Double Security (DS) Concept

The water resistance of Certina watches is ensured by the ultra-robust Double Security (DS) Concept, which has been a key element of Certina watches since 1959. This concept provides Certina watches with a water resistance of at least 10 bar (100 meters). The DS Concept has been consistently proven through sophisticated research projects and extreme stress tests, making Certina watches reliable companions for everyday use and even in extreme conditions. The DS Concept has been a hallmark of the brand for over six decades.

Who Owns Certina?

Today, Certina is part of the Swatch Group. They continue to be recognized for their precision, reliability, and sporty character, making them a respected name in Swiss watchmaking.

Fun Fact

Certina’s turtle logo was developed in the 1960s and still symbolizes robustness and longevity today. This iconic symbol reflects Certina’s commitment to creating highly resistant and durable timepieces, much like the qualities associated with a turtle. The turtle logo has become a recognizable emblem of the brand, representing its long-standing tradition of excellence and reliability in the world of watchmaking.