Christophe Claret Watches

A master watchmaker for some of the finest brands in the world, Christophe Claret founded his eponymous brand in 1989 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. A perfectionist in every sense of the word, he works tirelessly to create solutions to challenges so that he can unveil some of the most complex and creative watches. Top collections include his Gamins series of watches, his Extreme three-dimensional watches, high-jeweled ladies watches, and more.

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History of Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret is a master watchmaker who began his career working on antique and vintage watches for an expert restorer. In 1978, he attended the Geneva Watchmaking School and set up his watchmaking workshop in Lyon, France. After graduation, he started working with Roger Dubuis, the famous Geneva watchmaker. Claret started skeletonizing watches and creating his hour and quarter repeater timepieces on his own. His work with big brands began in 1987 when he began making minute repeaters for Ulysse Nardin.

He founded his manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and in 1999, moved his manufacture to the Soleil d’Or, a mansion overlooking Le Locle, where it still stands today. 

Christophe Claret The Brand

In 2009, Claret created his brand while continuing to make movements and complete watches for brands throughout the industry.

Christophe Claret is known as a specialist in chiming watches, including minute repeaters. Gaming watches are a big part of Claret’s collection, including the Blackjack, the Baccara, and the Poker. His Margot watch for women stunned the world with a movement that allows the wearer to play, “He loves me; he loves me not.”

Who owns Christophe Claret?

Christophe Claret is an independent brand that is owned by its founder Christophe Claret. It belongs to the small circle of Fine Watchmakers with a fully integrated manufacturer.

Fun Fact

Christophe Claret and his wife own the 13th-century Château de La Roche (The Roche Castle) situated in Rigney, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France. Christophe spends every weekend at the castle, restoring each room one by one with two employees’ help.

Christophe Claret Collections

  • Maestro

  • Baccara

  • Angelico

  • Margot

  • Marguerite

  • Poker

  • Soprano

  • XTREM1

  • Aventicum

  • Adagio

  • Blackjack