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Founded in 1931 by Goliardo Della Balda, Delbana is committed to preserving the legacy of its founder by offering high-quality, affordable Swiss Made timepieces. Watches produced by Delbana are built in-house, with an attention to detail that you would expect from a higher-priced brand. Every model is in solid stainless steel, with rose gold, yellow gold, or black ion plating. In 2002, Delbana merged with Delma Watch Limited. The collections offered range from classic to sporty, with the Retro collection emitting a distinct vintage vibe.

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History of Delbana

Delbana’s journey began in 1931 when Goliardo Della Balda founded the brand in Bienne, Switzerland. This city, known as the heart of Swiss watchmaking, provided the ideal environment for Della Balda to hone his craft and establish a reputation for precision and craftsmanship. With enthusiasm and dedication, he immersed himself in the intricate world of horology with a brand that promised Swiss precision without the hefty price tag.

Today, Delbana meticulously crafts each timepiece, starting with a detailed hand-drawn sketch, ensuring every element, from the case dimensions to the styling, captures the brand’s essence of quality and style. These designs, once finalized, are brought to life with various finishes, highlighting the brand’s dedication to affordability without compromising quality. Upholding nearly nine decades of Swiss-made quality, each watch undergoes a rigorous assembly process in their Lengnau headquarters. The watches are constructed with solid stainless steel and enhanced with premium finishes, genuine leather bands, and Swarovski crystals. Since 2017, all models have been fitted with resilient sapphire crystals. 

A Rich History

Delbana has a rich history and craftsmanship, featuring elegant ladies’ watches, refined gentlemen’s pieces, and dynamic sports watches. Rooted in its founder’s vision, Delbana remains committed to producing affordable, stylish Swiss-made watches, celebrating precision, quality, and the legacy of Della Balda while merging Swiss craftsmanship with accessible luxury.

The Delbana Promise

Delbana thrives on its founder’s spirit, zealously producing Swiss-made timepieces that are affordable and exude style. They stand as proud symbols of precision, quality, and Della Balda’s enduring legacy. With a vision of global enjoyment, Delbana continues to introduce timepieces that blend the Swiss tradition of craftsmanship with the allure of affordability.

Affordable Luxury

Emphasis on design, practicality, and availability consistently drives the inspiration behind today’s reasonably priced Delbana watch collection. Delbana’s dedication to making watches for everyone cherishing accuracy, excellence, and fashion furthers Della Balda’s enduring heritage. They take pride in consistently unveiling distinct and cost-effective Swiss-made watches.

Who Owns Delbana?

Swiss watch brands Delma and Delbana are both owned by Delma Watch Ltd, the Lengnau-based company that has been producing discreet and elegant watches since the 1920s.

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