Klokers Watches

Klokers stands out in the world of watchmaking for its unique blend of art, design, and technological innovation. Known for its unconventional and retro-inspired designs, Klokers transforms historical instruments and concepts into modern, stylish timepieces. The brand’s signature feature is its patented interchangeability system, allowing you to easily change straps, coupled with a very innovative way to read the time.

History of Klokers

Klokers, a trailblazer in the world of contemporary watchmaking, has been turning heads since its inception in 2014. Renowned for its groundbreaking and unconventional designs, Klokers first made waves with the launch of the KLOK-01. This debut timepiece was a game-changer, altogether redefining traditional dial design with its unique aesthetics.

What truly sets Klokers apart is their signature approach to time-telling: anti-clockwise movement paired with clockwise numerals. This intriguing juxtaposition is not just a design choice; it’s a statement of the brand’s dedication to creativity and originality, challenging the norms of conventional watchmaking.

Their first watch, the KLOK-01, is inspired by the circular slide rule and not only marked Klokers’ entry into the watch world but also established its retro-futuristic style. Its patented strap-fixing system added a twist, allowing the watch to be accessorized in various ways, elevating its appeal.

Klokers’ journey is more than just a tale of watchmaking; it’s a story of challenging the status quo. Klokers has carved out a unique and influential position in the contemporary watch landscape by reimagining traditional watch design and daring to defy convention.

Design Influences

Klokers draws inspiration from various sources for its watch designs. The Klok-01 watches are based on the circular slide rules. The brand’s innovative design is also inspired by a calculus ruler from the ’70s, reflecting a blend of technical and playful elements. Klokers has also introduced the Hypnagogic collection, inspired by the mysterious period known as hypnagogy.

The Three-Coplanar Dial

The Klok-01 deviates from traditional watch designs by using three coplanar graduated discs representing hours, minutes, and seconds, demonstrating a commitment to innovative design.

Who Owns Klokers?

Klokers has been owned by KLOKERS SÀRL since 2023. New investors led by Christian-Louis Col brought the brand back, and it has since been developed by KLOKERS SÀRL, a new organization aimed at promoting its essence both in France and internationally.

Fun Fact

A fun fact about Klokers is its innovative approach to watch straps. The brand introduced a unique, patented fixing system known as the KLOKERS Key, which allows their watches to be easily attached and detached from a variety of accessories.

Klokers Collections


The KLOK-01 watch is an original, Swiss-made timepiece with a 44mm case. It was inspired by the circular slide rule and offers a unique way of experiencing the passing of time. The collection is available in four ranges: Heritage, Metal, Hypnagogic, and Minimal. One of the notable features of the KLOK-01 collection is the patented interchangeability concept, which allows for quick and easy changes to the bracelet or strap. The KLOK-01 watches use three coplanar graduated discs representing hours, minutes, and seconds, providing a graphical and intuitive view of time.


The KLOK-08 collection features the KLOK-08 Sixties watch, which is available in various colors and is compatible with all the straps and interchangeable accessories Klokers offers. The KLOK-08 watch has a 39mm diameter and a distinctive retro-inspired design that sets it apart from the KLOK-01 collection.