Krayon Watches

It was just a few years ago that watchmaker Remi Maillat founded Krayon with the intent of creating truly different watches. His mathematical mind enables him to convert calculations into watch complications that are simple to use and understand. His first watch, Everywhere, was presented in 2017 and won the Best Watchmaking Innovation of the Year prize at the 2018 Grand Prix awards. Essentially, it showcases the sun’s course through the sky to denote the passage of time. Recently, he unveiled the Anywhere watch that showcases sunrise and set times anywhere in the world.

History of Krayon

Krayon, founded by master watchmaker Rémi Maillat, is a relative newcomer in the luxury watchmaking scene. The company made its mark in the late 2010s, standing out for its innovative approach and exquisite craftsmanship. Maillat, an engineer turned watchmaker, brought a unique blend of technical skill and artistic vision to the world of horology.

The early innovations of Krayon centered around astronomical complications, particularly those tracking celestial movements like sunrise and sunset times, adjustable to any geographical location. This focus on intricate mechanics was a defining feature of their early work.

The Krayon Everywhere, a timepiece capable of calculating sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the world, marked a significant breakthrough for the brand. This watch, a first of its kind, not only showcased Krayon’s ingenuity but also its commitment to blending functionality with elegance. The Everywhere model garnered widespread acclaim for both its technical mastery and aesthetic appeal.

Following the success of Everywhere, Krayon continued to create watches with sophisticated complications, each piece celebrated for its intricate craftsmanship and mechanical complexity. This approach earned Krayon a revered spot among watch enthusiasts and collectors, who appreciate the brand’s unique take on horology.

The Krayon Everywhere

Krayon’s Everywhere watch, introduced in 2017, is a remarkable timepiece that showcases the brand’s expertise in creating highly complex and innovative watches. This wristwatch is essentially a mechanical calculator for sunrise and sunset, allowing the wearer to input their location and time zone to display the accurate times of these natural phenomena.

The Everywhere watch is powered by an automatic micro-rotor and is known for its technical complexity, user-friendly design, and ability to provide a more relaxing way of knowing sunrise and sunset times. It is available in white or rose gold and is a 42mm x 11.70mm watch with a power reserve of 86 hours.

Who Owns Krayon?

Krayon is owned and founded by Rémi Maillat. Maillat, a master watchmaker and engineer, is the driving force behind Krayon’s innovative approach to watchmaking. His expertise and vision have been pivotal in establishing Krayon as a respected name in the luxury watchmaking industry, especially known for its unique and complex timepieces like the Krayon Everywhere. 

Fun Fact

Krayon produces a very limited number of watches per year. The Krayon Everywhere, for example, is made in very small numbers, with an estimated production of about six or so per year. The limited annual output of this highly innovative timepiece reflects the brand’s focus on exclusivity and complexity.