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TAOS was born from the collaboration between Atelier Olivier Vaucher and watchmaker Olivier Gaud. It introduces a novel concept: exquisite dials crafted by over 40 artisans, paired with meticulously engineered movements. With over 200 hours devoted to each dial and 100 hours to engraving each movement, TAOS sets new standards in exclusivity and creativity. Inspired by Taos, New Mexico, and the peacock’s elegance, TAOS produces captivating timepieces that blend tradition with innovation, appealing to enthusiasts who value rarity and sophistication in watchmaking.

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History of TAOS

TAOS, a Geneva-based luxury watch brand, emerged from the collaboration between renowned Genevan dial maker Atelier Olivier Vaucher and skilled watchmaker Olivier Gaud. Founded on the principles of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic expression, TAOS introduces a pioneering concept in watchmaking: each timepiece features intricately decorated dials crafted by over 40 artisan craftspeople alongside meticulously engineered mechanical movements. With over 200 hours devoted to crafting each dial and 100 hours to engraving each movement, TAOS sets new standards of exclusivity and creativity in the industry.

The brand’s genesis stems from the longstanding expertise of Atelier Olivier Vaucher, a leading authority in Métiers d’Art applied to watch faces since 1978. Under the guidance of Olivier and Dominique Vaucher, the Atelier has consistently produced remarkable timepieces for prestigious brands worldwide. Olivier Vaucher’s vision of creating a watch brand utilizing the workshop’s full capabilities culminated in the partnership with Olivier Gaud, resulting in the birth of TAOS.

Inspired by the artistic vibrancy of Taos, New Mexico, known for its rich cultural heritage and creative community, TAOS embodies a blend of tradition and innovation. The brand draws inspiration from the peacock, symbolizing elegance and beauty, reflected in its unique and captivating timepieces. Each TAOS watch is a testament to the harmonious fusion of artistry, expertise, and timeless elegance, destined to captivate discerning enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity and sophistication of fine watchmaking.