CODE41 Introduces the T360 Tourbillon

The tourbillon is often considered the “Holy Grail” of watchmaking and is typically inaccessible to many due to its high price point. With the T360 Tourbillon, CODE41, the dream becomes a possible reality at the starting price of CHF 9’898.

CODE41 Introduces the T360 Tourbillon

The tourbillon is highly regarded in the world of watchmaking as the ultimate achievement, symbolizing the perfect combination of mastery and skill. CODE41, a renowned brand in the field of watchmaking, is now making this dream a reality for its community with the launch of its first-ever tourbillon watch, the T360. Working with the best Swiss partners, the brand has created an unparalleled model in its level of customization, allowing customers to choose everything from the bridge and hand colors to the shape of the case and straps. CODE41 is committed to making watchmaking more open, participatory, and accessible without sacrificing the high standards that have made them successful.

The T360 Tourbillon is a tribute to the exceptional skills of the craftsmen who worked on the project. The team has shown great attention to detail, unwavering standards, and dedication to their work. The T360 reflects the thousands of hours of expertise that have gone into its design and construction, making it an extraordinary timepiece that can be proudly worn on the wrist.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

The CODE41 T360 Tourbillon watch has been optimized for reliability and tested extensively to ensure it meets and exceeds the necessary standards. Despite being a luxurious and high-end timepiece, it has been designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life and can be worn daily like any other watch model by CODE41.

CODE41 Turns Dreams into Reality

CODE41 is known for involving its community in the development of new projects, and the T360 Tourbillon is no exception. The community played a crucial role in the design of the watch, with each step of the process subject to a vote by hundreds of thousands of members. This included the choice of tourbillon type, case design, and colors for the final collection. The website features four chapters dedicated to the project, and the team considered 192 design variations, received over 12,500 votes, and read over 400 comments from members. The team worked tirelessly for 43 nights to arrive at the final collection, a testament to the brand’s commitment to its community.

The Tourbillon Made Accessible

The tourbillon is often considered the “Holy Grail” of watchmaking, representing the pinnacle of horological refinement. However, it is typically inaccessible to most people due to its high price point. CODE41 wanted to change that with the T360 Tourbillon, offering a high-quality tourbillon at a price starting at CHF 9,898. The watch features a manual movement designed and assembled entirely in Switzerland, marrying accessibility with Swiss watchmaking expertise. This accessibility has become a hallmark of CODE41’s approach to watchmaking.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

The Tourbillon Reinterpreted

The T360 Tourbillon is a beautiful watch that showcases the tourbillon at 6 o’clock in a skeleton design typical of CODE41’s models. The watch features a captivating horological ballet in which the tourbillon makes a complete revolution every 60 seconds in its cage. The T360 is designed for everyday use, making it an instant classic. The watch adapts to life’s moments and situations, always in its element. The watch represents a reinterpretation of the tourbillon that incorporates CODE41’s signature style.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

Swiss Watchmaking at its Finest

A 100% Swiss tourbillon: CODE41 values transparency and excellence in its watchmaking, and the T360 Tourbillon reflects this. The tourbillon is 100% Swiss-made, with every partner playing a key role in the development and production of the movement and without whom the watch would not have been possible. The craftspeople who worked on the project played a cornerstone role in its design, and their roles and responsibilities are highlighted on the website. This human adventure is one of the driving forces that motivate the CODE41 team daily, highlighting the virtuoso watchmaking partners who make dreams a reality.

A Choice of Two Cases

NativeDNA and Stratom: CODE41 developed a new case for the T360 Tourbillon, named the “Stratom,” which makes its debut with the watch. This new case features a machined aesthetic that complements the T360, infusing it with an elegant, sporty, and iconic design. The Stratom is a follow-up to the brand’s historical case and offers a multi-layer construction with many possible combinations of materials in a technical and industrial style. During the pre-orders, the brand also offers the historical case (NativeDNA), which has accompanied all of the brand’s models to date.

CODE41 T360 Tourbillon
CODE41 T360 Tourbillon

Really Personalize Your Watch

The T360 Tourbillon offers an unprecedented level of personalization, allowing each owner to create a watch that reflects their unique style. The customization options include multiple dial colors, the choice of the case material (NativeDNA or Stratom), and the option of leather, rubber, or steel straps. The T360 adapts to any situation!

The launch of the T360 tourbillon watch marks a significant milestone in the watchmaking industry, especially for CODE41 and its community. The brand has achieved the ultimate goal of creating a highly customizable and accessible tourbillon watch without sacrificing quality and standards. The T360 is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and expertise of the team behind it, and it is sure to become a prized possession of watch enthusiasts worldwide.

Price & Availability

The CODE41 T360 Tourbillon is available for pre-order on the CODE41 e-shop from April 19th until May 17th, 2023. Each edition is limited to 150 pieces.

Price: starting from 9898 CHF / 10998 EUR / 9590GBP / 9598 USD

Technical Information

  • Case material: Grade 5 titanium
  • Crystal: Sapphire on front and back. Anti-reflective treatments
  • Display: Hours/minutes in the center, seconds on the bridge of the tourbillon cage
  • Nighttime display: Super-LumiNova® on hands, indices, and the bridge of the tourbillon cage
  • Watertight: to 10 ATM
  • Dimensions

○  NEW CASE: Diameter: 42mm / Thickness: 12mm

○  ANOMALY: Diameter: 42mm / Thickness: 11.7mm

  • Strap: 24mm, simple tool-free assembly system
  • Number of jewels: 19
  • Number of components: 141
  • Frequency: 3hz (21,600 vib/hr)
  • Precision: -5/+5 seconds per day
  • Power reserve (when not in use): 105 hours
  • Shock absorber: Incabloc
  • Precision test: Fine-tuned in 5 positions
  • Winding: Manual

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