SevenFriday Watches

With a motto of “Show me, don’t’ tell me,” Seven Friday is all about pleasing people “who live every day like it’s Friday.” The relatively young brand was founded in 2012 in Zurich and, today also offers sunglasses, accessories, and more. Its TV-shaped and cushion-cornered watches feature a play on geometrics and retail for highly affordable prices – mostly under $1,500.

History of SevenFriday

SEVENFRIDAY was founded in Zürich, Switzerland, in 2012 by Dan Niederer and Arnaud Duval. SevenFriday watches make a real statement with their unique and iconic designs. Niederer believes that a quality watch can be aesthetically top of the range but at an affordable price.

Founder Dan Niederer calls the decision to start SEVENFRIDAY “stupidity” with a hint of ‘’midlife crisis’’ and a strong whiff of ‘’not being able to work for others anymore,’’ but most importantly, one that allowed him to realize his dreams. Niederer studied law at university, followed by various jobs in the luxury industry in Asia and Australia.

He realized that working for others was not for him and decided to take a leap of faith and create a new brand. With co-founder and designer Arnaud Duval, work on the project started in 2008/2009 while Niederer was living in Bangkok. In 2012, when he moved back to Switzerland, SEVENFRIDAY became his full-time activity. The first SEVENFRIDAY sold in July of the same year. Today over 36,000 watches are sold per year with an impressive global following.

The lifestyle

To all those involved in SEVENFRIDAY, including their customers, SEVENFRIDAY is not just a brand but a lifestyle. The SEVENFRIDAY name captures precisely what the whole lifestyle is about – having fun, enjoying life, and living every day as if it’s Friday. The SEVENFRIDAY mindset is to enjoy what you do with the people you like doing it with, be it at work or play. IIt’shaving not to bother about a work-life balance because it is merely the same.

The products

SEVENFRIDAY team began life with its launch of the “S-Series” watch range, and there has been a steady flow of new releases over the years. You can find accessories like protective watch cases and straps on the SEVENFRIDAY store. Their recently added eyewear collection includes five lines, Insane, Safe, Pilot, Tiny, and Funky. There is even an apparel line with hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and bags. Everything you need to live the SEVENFRIDAY lifestyle fully!


SEVENFRIDAY is an independent brand owned by its founders, Dan Niederer and Arnaud Duvall.

Fun Fact

SEVENFRIDAY started organizing the SEVENFRIDAY Games in 2014. The Games is a time when the SEVENFRIDAY community comes together to compete, have fun, and be part of the SEVENFRIDAY lifestyle. The Games move around the world each year and are always in different locations from the previous years. 



The M-Series collection is both modern and classic, a perfect watch for the daytime with its discs that rotate clockwise instead of hands. Boasting a 47 X 47.6mm cushion case in either stainless steel, rose gold, or black PVD on a leather or rubber strap.


The P-Series is SEVENFRIDAY’s core collection recognizable by its case shape like an old TV set. An automatic watch with a skeleton dial inspired by the machines of the start of the industrial revolution. A unique timepiece that is guaranteed to get you noticed.


The Q-Series was introduced in 2016 and was the first SEVENFRIDAY with a date display. The 44.3 X 49.7 mm case comes with rounded edges to soften the watch’s look and feel and an embedded NFC chip for authentication.


The S-Series was launched in 2017 and stayed true to SEVENFRIDAY’s industrial themed timepieces. The watches feature the signature square-shaped case and open-worked dial. Conscious of the environment, the nylon ring is made of entirely recyclable material.


The T-Series watches span dimensions of 45mm x 45.6mm on the wrist, which is about 2mm smaller than watches from the P, M, and S series. The TMI Seiko NH70 skeleton movement is visible through the dial.


The V-Series looks different from the other SEVENFRIDAY collections but sticks with the same fundamentals that made the M-Series and the P-Series such a success. The collection is larger in case size than its predecessors, but it feels smaller on the wrist without lugs.


The W-Series comes with a different case design similar to the V-Series. The multi-level W-Series interface features a centralized 12H disc recalling the saw blade. A plus is the super easy strap change system.