History of SevenFriday

SevenFriday is just a baby at six years old, but it has already made its mark on the watch industry. Founded by Swiss Daniel Niederer from Zurich, the brand was an instant success. The name is a modern interpretation of the Latin saying “Carpe Diem”, which is translated as “Seize the Day”. The watches are immediately recognizable thanks to their rounded/square shapes, a bit like televisions from the 1960s.

SevenFriday watch blue

Five interesting facts about SevenFriday

1 – SevenFriday’s CEO

SevenFriday’s CEO was a lawyer before deciding to change career path and start his own watch brand.

2 – The brand’s first customer

The brand’s first customer was Niederer’s father, although apparently, he was pushed into buying a watch!

3 – 80,000 pieces

The brand sold 80,000 pieces in the first three years.

4 – Bracelets and sunglasses

The brand also makes a number of cool bracelets and sunglasses.

5 – Famous people who have been spotted wearing a SevenFriday

Famous people who have been spotted wearing a SevenFriday include DJ Steve Aoki and Jeron Tang.

SevenFriday's we love

SevenFriday Q2/02 REVOLUTION
SevenFriday P1B/01 ESSENCE
SevenFriday T2/02 REVOLUTION
SevenFriday W1/01 BLADE ESSENCE
SevenFriday P2B/01 REVOLUTION
SevenFriday S1/01 ESSENCE
SevenFriday T3/01 ENGINE

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